$600M Property tax 

According to the Detroit News, homeowners were overtaxed $600 million, at minimum, by the City of Detroit in the years following The Great Recession. Our government should uplift our residents, not kick us while we're down.

$250M Demolition Bond Proposal N

In November 2020, Detroit voters decided that they had enough of blight and voted to provide funding towards this blight initiative.

Restoration of Citizens' District Council (CDC)

In 2014, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr eliminated this council, which made thousands of citizens feel increased protection around their right to vote and their direct voice in city government

Grow Our Own

A proposal to create and sustain Junior Cadet programs in our public high schools that will lead to "homegrown" police officers, firefighters, and other public servants. 

city council vs Detroit will breathe

In 2020, the City Council for the City of Detroit voted to sue members of Detroit Will Breathe, an organization dedicated to protesting police brutality and fighting for the neighborhoods.

Redistribute Detroit police department funds

After speaking with many native Detroiters, redistributing police department funds could prove to be beneficial not only for citizens but for the officers as well. 

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