Angela Whitfield-Calloway has lived in District 2 for many years. She matriculated through Detroit Public Schools, where she graduated from Cooley High School. She then advanced to the nation's #1 HBCU, Spelman College, and went on to graduate from the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University. Angela and her husband, another Detroit native, raised their four children in the city; who all still live here. 

Angela got involved due to her concern with the increase of crime in the City of Detroit. She also believes the city owes $600 million to residents whose property taxes were over-assessed causing them to lose their homes and tarnishing their generational wealth. She believes that before moving forward as a city, those residents have to be made whole. Angela believes no one should ever have their water shut off and will work toward getting a fund established to assist residents with paying their water bills similar to THAW when residents need assistance with paying their heating bills.